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When conducting criminal background checks, reporting the proper information on your applicants is essential. IntelliCorp’s criminal search process uses our propriety database, IntelliSearch technology and SuperSearch product to check local and national sources for potential records and make county level recommendations. To further refine the search process, we apply the appropriate State and Federal FCRA filers based on your applicant’s home address and state of employment or volunteerism. 

Should any criminal records be identified, we return to the source of the data and verify the information to ensure we have the latest updates regarding your applicant’s history. Once the records have been validated, access to the background screening results will be available. By doing so, you can be confident that an FCRA compliant search has been performed, which provides you with additional value and increased assurance when making hiring and recruiting decisions. 

Our criminal search services include:

Criminal SuperSearch
The Criminal SuperSearch produces a multi-state report of criminal records, which includes the District of Columbia. Each Criminal SuperSearch report may contain felony and misdemeanor records, sex-offender records, inmate records, and arrest information.

Former Last Name
Criminal SuperSearch, using Former Last Name, performs a criminal search and searches up to four additional former last names.

Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
Our Nationwide Sex Offender Registry search includes sex-offender records provided by each state including the District of Columbia.

Statewide Criminal Comprehensive Reports
Statewide Criminal Comprehensive Reports combine multiple sources of information in a single search. Report information may include, but is not limited to, court-level felony records, court-level misdemeanor records, traffic records, department of corrections data, and information from state sex-offender registries.

Statewide Criminal Search
Statewide Criminal Searches provide online access to public criminal records from each state. Search results generally include felony, misdemeanor, and/or traffic-case information. Each state's case information will also vary upon years of coverage.

Criminal Search for a Single County
This report provides criminal records held at the county level. Reports generally include felony and/or misdemeanor records. A single county search is especially valuable when you need to perform a more comprehensive or current database search. The industry standard for a single county criminal record search is 7 years, although older information may be returned if available from the record source. 

Inmate Records
Inmate Records provide information from each state's Department of Corrections. Reports can include information on an individual's probation, parole and give active or inactive status within a state facility. Information in reports will vary depending on the state.

Arrest Records
Arrest Records are available in some states. This information can help determine if you should run a criminal search for a single county. Note: You should not make hiring decisions based solely on arrest records.




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