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Colorado 1 of 5 States that Doesn't Require Background Check to Receive Medical License

August  22,  2016 by Chris Cornwell
The state of Colorado has been identified as 1 of 5 states that do not require a medical professional to pass a background check before receiving their doctor's license.

EEOC Raising Awareness Regarding Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

August  22,  2016 by Chris Cornwell
Recently the EEOC announced some changes on how they collect religious discrimination claims and issued a fact sheet regarding religious discrimination in an effort to raise awareness about this issue.

Lack of Volunteer Background Screening Policy at School Raised After Incident

August  19,  2016 by Chris Cornwell
After courthouse shooting it was discovered that the shooter had served as an adult volunteer at a local elementary school and had a lengthy criminal history.
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