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Sexual Harassment Policy won't Work unless it's put into Practice

April  19,  2012 by Chris Cornwell
The International House of Pancakes lost a appeal to a recent court decision that found them liable for the sexual harassment of two teen-aged employees by a supervisor even though a formal policy against sexual harassment was in place.

Brainstorming & Mind Mapping — Thinking Outside the Box!

December  01,  2010 by Sharon Zaleski
Take your business brainstorming to the next level with mind mapping.  Learn what mind mapping is, how to get started and how it can produce massive benefits for you and your company!

Workplace Fire Safety Tips — Workplace Fire Prevention Ideas During National Fire Safety Month

October  12,  2010 by Sharon Zaleski
Workplace fire safety is a life or death matter. Treat it that way by learning and implementing workplace fire prevention ideas that make sense for your workplace.
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